Birch Enclosure

Enclosures Will Include

  • ¼” Thick dual sliding glass doors (Comes with a lock)
  • Air vent, or vents.
  • Bulb fixture for your heat bulb, or U.V.B. bulb. (Each bulb fixture comes with heat bulb guard)
  • Paint or stain that you have chosen.
  • Interior design that you have chosen.

Start Designing

Step 1.  Choose your dimensions. (Example 48” wide X 24” deep X 24” tall)  

Step 2.  Choose your exterior paint, or stain from the options.  

Step 3.  Choose your interior design. 

You can chose between the offered vinyl tiles below with a water proof bottom (example pictures above),
or you can chose to have the interior covered in a white sealant.

Step 4. Will this reptile enclosure require a  U.V.B. strip?

Step 5. How many heat bulb fixtures will be going into this enclosure? (Example 1 day bulb fixture, or a day, and night bulb fixture.)  

Step 6.  Pay for the price quote fee below, then contact us on our contact page with all your details, question, and concerns. (Once the deposit for the reptile enclosure is made the price quote fee will be subtracted from the enclosure price.)

When requesting your price quote shipping coast will not be include for customers outside of Fort Worth / Dallas Texas.