Adapter Kit (30″D X 30″H)


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As your reptile grows, so can your reptile enclosure, with this new innovative adapter kit!! Talking Serpents, LLC is the FIRST and ONLY reptile enclosure manufacture that makes these adapter kits, so you will NOT find them anywhere else!


  • Instead of purchasing a new, larger reptile enclosure as your reptile grows, you can now use what you already have to expand, which saves you money!
  • Saves you money on shipping costs as well, since multiple smaller reptile enclosures are more affordable to ship than larger reptile enclosures!
  • Adapt as many reptile enclosures together to reach your desired size!
  • Adapter kits are designed to be very strong, so you can stack as many reptile enclosures on top as you need!
  • Now it is easier to afford a larger reptile enclosure, since you will be able to purchase it in sections!
  • Doe’s NOT interfere with any of the per-existing pre-drilled holes on our reptile enclosure kits!
  • Adapter kits do NOT damage either reptile enclosure kit in any way, since they use the pre-existing holes. This allows you to easily detach each reptile enclosure, so you can have multiple reptile enclosures once again!
  • Can be purchased in p.v.c., raw wood (for our d.i.y reptile enclosure), as well as your choice of an interior sealant to match our custom reptile enclosures.
  • Smooth rounded edges.
  • wood adapters are pre-sanded
  • Comes with all the mounting hardware.
  • Easily installs in minutes.
  • Comes with easy comprehensive instructions.


Want to see how easy these adapter kits are to install? click the link below to watch the video.

Click here to watch the adapter kit installation video




Disclaimer – Talking Serpents, LLC has the legal rights to these adapter kits.

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Blue Sealant, D.I.Y. Unsealed, Gray Sealant, Green Sealant, P.V.C. (Black), Tan Sealant, White Sealant, P.V.C. (white)


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