Customize Your Own Reptile Enclosure Kit (4’W X 2’D X 2’H)



Have you always wanted your own custom reptile enclosure, but didn’t have the tools or know where to start? The D.I.Y. Reptile Enclosure Kit allows you to have that customization that you have always wanted at an affordable price!


Reptile Enclosure Dimensions 4′ Wide X 2′ Deep X 2′ High



    • 6″ High lower substrate barrier
    • Affordable enclosures and shipping cost
    • Comes with or withought glass (enclosures purchased withought glass will be sent with exact measurements for the sliding glass doors.)
    • Exterior can be customized to your choice of paint or stain
    • Interior can be customized
    • Comes with lock and air vent
    • Light weight and strong
    • Stackable
    • Compatible with our 2’deep x 2’high adapter kits. Adapter kits allow you to combine reptile enclosures together!
    • Heat bulb fixture is not included since not everyone uses them in their enclosures
    • Optional and inexpensive heat bulb kits are available (easy installation)
    • EASY and DETAILED instruction will be included!!!
    • Easy to assemble!!

Need a power cord slot?

Power cord slots are perfect if you’re planning to install a radiant heat panel, U.V.B. strip, L.E.D. light, ect. These heating and lighting fixtures come prewired and will not be able to go through the small holes on our reptile enclosures. The small 3/8″ holes on our reptile enclosures are designed for installing our heat bulb kits. Our power cord slots are 3/8″ X 3/4″ to allow two power cords to fit through.

Need a partial screen top?

Partial screen tops can be added to each reptile enclosure. This way our customers can easily add dome lights on top of the reptile enclosure if that’s what they prefer. The screen top opening is 20″x12″. Beneath the 20″x12″ opening  is a high quality black mesh that looks great! You are able to choose the placement of the partial screen top. The partial screen top can be placed on the top right side, left side, or center of the reptile enclosure. 

Disclaimer: Interior sealants are water resistant NOT waterproof. These interior sealants are not suitable for standing water.

** NOTE – For high moisture conditions inside the reptile enclosure we highly recommend our P.V.C. reptile enclosures. Our wood reptile enclosures are best for lower humidity / moisture levels.


*****Average turnaround time is about 10-14 business days for a Customize Your Own Reptile Enclosure Kit.  Customers will be taken care of in order.*****

Additional information


Dark Walnut Stain, Weathered Gray Stain, Worn Navy Stain, American Walnut Stain, Black Cherry Stain, Carbon Gray Stain, Black Stain, Black Paint, White Paint


Blue Sealant, Gray Sealant, Green Sealant, Tan Sealant, White Sealant

sliding glass doors

with glass, Withought Glass

Air Vent Color

Brown, Polished Aluminum, white

Air Vent Placement

Back Wall, Left Side, No Vent, Right Side

Power Cord Slot

Left Side, None, Right & Left Sides, Right Side

Partial Screen Top

No Partial Screen Top, Right Side, Left Side, Center


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