P.V.C. Reptile Enclosure Kit (4’W X 3’D X 3’H)



Looking for a reptile enclosure that is easy to clean, looks great, and can handle the highest moisture possible?

PVC reptile enclosures are the perfect option for those requirements!

As long as you have a screwdriver YOU CAN build this kit!!!


Reptile Enclosure Dimensions 4′ Wide X 3′ Deep X 3′ High


  • 6″ High lower substrate barrier for deeper substrate
  • Perfect for Bio-Active setups!
  • Very easy to clean!
  • Affordable enclosures and shipping cost
  • Comes with a lock and an air vent
  • Light weight
  • Stackable
  • Ceiling has pre-drilled holes for up to 3 extended heat bulb kits to be easily installed
  • Heat bulb fixture is not included (since not everyone uses them in their enclosures)
  • Optional and inexpensive heat bulb kits are available (easy installation)(Only use the Extended heat bulb kits for PVC)
  • EASY and DETAILED instruction will be included!!!
  • Easy to assemble!!!


Due to size and or weight regulations this Reptile Enclosure kit will not come with glass. This reptile enclosure comes with instructions, and in these instruction will be the EXACT dimensions for the glass. Take these dimensions to your local glass provider, and they will easily be able to get you what you need.

*****Average turnaround time is 3-7 business days for a P.V.C. Reptile Enclosure Kit.  Customers will be taken care of in order.*****


Want to have a reptile enclosure kit with more customization?

Then check out our Complete or Customize Your Own Reptile Enclosure Kits!

We do all the painting/staining and sealing for you.

All you have to do is assemble it with the simple instructions provided.

Complete and Customizable Reptile Enclosure Kits


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